Motion Maker Pro

Create Your Own Video Backgrounds in After Effects With Drag And Drop Ease


200 Animation Loops

Drag-N-Drop, it's the newest dance craze! Seamlessly loop-able particles, textures, shapes, sparkles and more.

100 Effect Layers

Add effects for dayzzzz. The only thing we left out was the star wipe.


No Third-Party Plugins Needed

That's right, all you need is a (legal) copy of After Effects CS6 or newer. Extra plugins? Ain't nobody got time for that!

No Experience Necessary

If you can watch cat videos online, you got this. Easy enough for beginners, versatile enough for pros.


10 Pre-Made Backgrounds

Every template comes with 10 example backgrounds already made and ready to render. Awwwww, we shouldn't have...

Use Your Own Media

We call it BYOM! Import your own images or video and make them tubular! Everyone will say 'Cowabunga!'


4K, HD & SD Sizes

Export your final backgrounds in 4K, UHD, HD, SD or multi-screen formats. Our render templates save you the work. You'll thank us later.


Mac & PC Compatible

We have a picture of Bill Gates and Tim Cook embracing right after they used Motion Maker Pro. Ask us about it sometime.


CS6 Compatible

Fully compatible with After Effects CS6.


CC Compatible

Fully compatible with After Effects CC 12 & CC 2014.


In Action

Who Uses Motion Maker Pro?


Save time in your edits. Create title animations, video effects or graphics for your own cat videos.


Create your own worship backgrounds, animated videos or announcement loops.



Give your broadcasts a custom look in minutes. Customize your own bumpers, commercials or spots.


Make all the other VJs jealous of your swag loops. Have complete control of your own custom videos.



Make your music come to life and slap yo' mama! Our loops and effects will add a wow factor to your live concerts or videos.


Customize your videos, presentations or signage quickly and easily. Even Michael Scott can use it.




Motion Maker Pro is an Adobe After Effects template (CS6 and above) that will have you creating your own custom video backgrounds faster than MacGyver can get out of that burning building. With 200 built-in animation loops and 100 effects layers, your only limits will be your imagination (and sleep). Even if you're new to After Effects, you can be creating backgrounds in minutes with this simple drag-and-drop tool. Or maybe you wrote the book "Being Awesome in After Effects"? No matter who you are, you're sure to fist bump your grandmother after using Motion Maker Pro.

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